Please note that the statements written by the individuals below are their personal opinions and Philena is in no way stating that she is able to heal or cure any known medical condition. She simply feels that she helps in the healing process. Philena also does not recommend that anyone stops any conventional medical advice given to them by their medical practitioner.

"After having had numerous, wonderful healing sessions with Philena, via Skype, I still had a veil of depression and an oppressive mood that for some reason wouldn’t go away. We decided to shift the Assemblage Point to a better position. As I was located in another country, she tried shifting it in my absence. After the first session, I noticed that I got up feeling very different, more positive and uplifted. As for me, it required two absent sessions in order to keep the Assemblage Point in its new position. The changes I felt were instant. Miraculously, the depression was gone as well as the strange negative mood. I was more aware of my surroundings, my energy levels went up, and my motivation for my everyday tasks were higher than ever before. It felt like the veil had simply disappeared and I could be back to being the person who I have always been. I have never met Philena in person, but her psychic abilities and accuracy are beyond words."

M., Spain

"Philena instantly calmed me down as I was very stressed and felt that my career was not heading in the right direction. However, through her palm reading session she told me that I will enjoy incredible success. She was also very calm and patient in telling me that I do have good fortune on my side, however, must focus on moving on from a few difficult events in my life as from her reading she could tell that I will be very successful in life. I was recently shocked when I was informed that a leading London university have offered me a full merit-based scholarship for my Master’s. This was great news and I instantly thought of Philena’s words of wisdom, as I could not have possibly envisaged to be awarded such a scholarship a few months ago. All in all, I had a great experience with Philena, and she certainly does not say something to simply please you. Her readings are truly accurate. Whilst I do have a few years to go until I am 27, I can certainly say that I will use the services that Philena offers again".

Mohammed Sheikh, Law Student

"Philena has carefully put together an in depth palmistry course with all the knowledge she has gained over the years. The lesson structure and materials are really well thought out, which makes the detail and nuances easy to grasp. If you're like me and remember best through stories, her plethora of anecdotes really helped me retain the information! I thoroughly enjoyed learning with her and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the practice."

Asha Mitra, Events Coordinator, London

"I went to see Philena for healing and to get her help for a very complicated problem in my marriage. Philena has a lot of gifts and can help in many ways.
I had a very difficult childhood and I suffered a series of anxiety attacks and mood swings. I have had difficult time for years because of my daughter having ASD and my marriage becoming very unhappy. All together I was in deep depression and I was crying all the time. Philena managed to help me with my depression. I don't cry any more. It has been now almost 2 months, my depression is gone. She also recommended me how to release anger and relax. I am so thankful.
The second problem was related to some very complicated occult problems and she did an absent healing for my husband. And it was incredible how things got better in the following weeks.
I highly recommend Philena also for her gift of clairvoyance.
Philena's Tarot reading was right. Lots of things have happened.I'm always in Malaysia. Things are good now. Philena's cards said that I have a spiritual gift that I should develop in future to help people. As a Christian I told Philena that it won't happen. But she was quite definite on that and smiled. Philena was totally right. I met a powerful Taoist master in Malaysia who has told me the same and now I am his student to learn to develop my special gift. I have embraced totally the esoteric Buddhism and Taoism.
You have to come to Philena with an open mind and not expecting to hear what you want. She is full of wisdom and outspoken.
Many thanks to Philena. She has been a great help."

Krystyna, Product Manager, France

"Thanks so much for the healing session yesterday to resolve the root of my kitchen problems. I came home and practised the blessing exercise as well as the feather clearing. Miraculously, this morning the 2nd set of worktop suppliers who had failed to do the job refunded the deposit I had paid them. I already feel much more positive about the eventual outcome and thank you very much indeed for all your love and kindness."

S.R. Financial Consultant, London

"I have found Philena's particular combination of spiritual connection and genuine sympathy and concern for her clients a most treasurable commodity"

Steve Ross, New York, Singer, Pianist and Concert Artist

"Philena's reading was incredible. She not only described events and patterns in my past, but was able to pin-point the dates of many events very accurately. I found her palmistry helpful, clear and useful. I highly recommend her work."

Stuart Geltner, Abadiania, Brazil

"Philena identified, by Tarot, a very important and disruptive influence in my life, coming from another person, and she also had a good idea how to fix it."

Ruth, London, Doctor

"Dear Philena
You have healed my mind and therefore my body by teaching me that real happiness is not a superficial state of mind but a strong tool to heal myself and others. I am grateful to you for the rest of my life!"

Renate, New York, Photographer

"The coincidence and need for help led us to Philena. She indeed gave us her support and shared her wisdom with us while we were going through delicate times. We continue to keep in touch and look for her spiritual advice when needed, even though we moved abroad. We enjoy her friendship, are very grateful to her, and will be for ever!"

A.M., M. & A., Madrid

"Getting my initial Palm and Tarot reading was an absolute life changing experience. Philena has a lifetime of spiritual transformation and experience and delivers a strong, straight to the point message. It gave me a clearer direction and since then I have regularly consulted her to continue to improve my life."

M. Cullimore, Sydney, Desk Top Publisher and Shiatsu Practitioner

"Our Family chateau was for years and years a very tiring problem for all of us. There were strong invisible forces, which pulled us down and stopped us enjoying life.
Philena and her team came and performed many Spirit Release Ceremonies over several days. We are now feeling a tremendous difference and the atmosphere continues to improve with time. Our physical and mental health are now much better. The park, lake and house, from the attic to the cellars were cleansed one by one. On the last day of the ceremonies, everybody was liberated.
Thank you so much Philena."

Marie Storms, Belgium

"I contacted Philena because I was having problems getting pregnant following many miscarriages. After visiting Philena over a 5-month period for healing I became pregnant and have since gone on to have 3 more children."

S.P., Harrogate, UK

"We came to Philena deeply traumatised after a tragic accident. She was most helpful to us over a long time and spiritually cleared the path for our recovery. We will always be grateful to her and to our friend who recommended her."

C.M.L., London

"I came to Philena when I was in a very dark place. Through her patience, guidance and gentleness, I genuinely left feeling hopeful. She held me together emotionally and spiritually throughout this time. She lit the candle in my mind and let my spirit guide me to light. She has a wonderful personality and in my heart I know our paths were meant to cross."

K.K., London, Project Manager

"Philena continues to offer insight and healing on a deep level. She has, throughout the years, both as teacher, healer and 'reader' put her finger on those knotty, hidden places that hurt, often blocking real progress. Not only can she identify it, but she can also help you fix it! Philena, you are an inspiration."

Angela Clarence, Conil de la Frontera, Spain

"My chanting session with Philena and her team was a powerful catalyst for unlocking my creativity. It was like a floodlight which illuminated my old, fearful thoughts and feelings, enabling me to release them and express more of my true, loving and creative self."

Ruth Rankin, London, Artist and Healer

"In coming to see Philena I found her particular approach of getting one to visualize and tone (using sound) successful tools in the shamanic healing sessions that I had with her. This added to her firm yet patient spiritual guidance, helped to release old habits and patterns and allowed me to deeply let go of past histories and move on."

L. R., Ascott, London, Film Lecturer

"Dear Philena,
I came to see you during the darkest moment of my life. I was in pain and emotionally tormented. You have healed my mind and you managed to get rid off most of my pain after the first healing session. Moreover, you have helped me to understand the root cause of my problem and advised me how to deal with it.
I also found your readings amazing and your care, concern and advice very comforting.
Thank you very much Philena"

E.G., London

"I came to see Philena regarding a very complex situation in my life. I had an initial session of Tarot and Palmistry where we analysed the situation. Further to that, I undertook a series of healing sessions, which taught me visualisation. I practised visualisation and meditation at home, which brought about a number of changes. Recently I attended a chanting session whereby my desires and needs were expressed to the Source for help. I found that many things came to fruition after this."

J.K.L., Bedford, UK, Fashion Designer

"Philena has led and inspired me to think for myself and to open doors to a greater understanding of what life has to offer. I have moved forward in ways which I would never have imagined possible."

Vanessa, Chelsea, London, Sculptor and Writer

"My first Palm Reading, 10 years ago, described a life path, which has unfolded for me just as Philena predicted (so far!). Her unique style of healing helped me shift, in 2 or 3 sessions, major emotional issues which years of therapy had failed to resolve."

E. Closs, London, Fashion Designer

"Philena, you helped me move forward at a very difficult time."

Ruth, London, Journalist

"Philena, I came to see you for healing after you had been highly recommended to me by a friend. I found it a very empowering experience, which took me down routes I could never have imagined. New channels have now been opened up for me on a daily basis."

Sara, Bromley, UK, Charity P.R. Manager

"After visiting Philena, I get a clear picture of where I am going. I always find her Readings accurate."

Diana MacKenzie, Scotland

"I have known Philena for a few years now and have had many telephone readings with her and have found them to be enormously helpful. She is amazingly in tune with one even over the phone, and I never cease to be amazed by her ability to focus so clearly on issues that are important to me and she has a great calming effect and makes me feel strong and positive about my life - and her words and advice live on with me weeks and months afterwards. Powerful stuff!"

V. Drake, London

"I have been going to Philena for many years and she has a very positive impact on my life in a number of ways. One incredible example of this is when I was feeling very low following the break-up with my latest boyfriend. Philena and I worked together to heal a lot of the stuff associated with our split and then she helped me to develop a very personal Symbolic Visualization where I was creating and experiencing the perfect man for me and the happily married life that I wanted to have. Within a few months I met my perfect partner who now is my husband. I have never been so happy and we were married almost exactly on the date that I had implanted in my visualisation. It really works."

Noelle, London, Management Consultant

"I came to see Philena feeling burdened by the little things in life and limited by issues from the past. After a few sessions, life feels much lighter and I feel free to enjoy it again."

Hilde, Harrow, UK, Language Tutor and Shamanic Practitioner

"I have seen many clairvoyants in the past, but none have left me with such a clear direction and focus on my life. Through Philena’s own experiences she was able to guide and advise me on many issues in my life and I continue to gather strength from her wisdom. Philena has a unique gift and I highly recommend her."

Sarah, London

"Dear Philena, I had wonderful news when I went to the gynaecologist. He could find no evidence of a fibroid or warts. Thank you for all your help Philena. My husband wouldn’t believe that if two doctors had said a large virus was there, that it had suddenly disappeared.
At a later date I got a skin problem, which was thought to be cancerous. After arranging for a biopsy with my gynaecologist in a month’s time, I went on a Relationship Healing course taught by Philena. Having had my pre-med, my gynaecologist examined me before surgery, to check which kind of anaesthesia to give me, and discovered that I no longer had the skin problem. It was completely cured."

Brenda, Wales, Painter

"Many years ago I had a problem with my back, which was causing me a lot of pain. I had been going to an osteopath but wasn’t getting any good out of it. Then I met Philena at a dinner party in my daughter’s house. I mentioned my back problem and she offered to “have a go” on it between courses. Philena placed her hands on my back and after about 10 minutes the pain suddenly went. It never returned."

A.C., Ireland, Housewife

"Philena's therapy helped me immeasurably, emotionally and physically, during a bad period in my life, about 14 years ago. I was profoundly grateful for her help."

Jane, Essex, UK

"Dear Philena,
I came to see you when my daughter was diagnosed with a hearing problem by one of the London hospitals. I was told that she had a significant hearing loss and she would need to wear hearing aids for life. I was shocked and disturbed by the news, and I came to seek for your advice. You advised me to take her to have Tomatis listening therapy. You also gave me the contact address of an ear, nose and throat specialist at the Lister Hospital.
My daughter had two weeks initial Tomatis listening therapy at the Listening Centre in London, and then I took her to see the the specialist whom you had recommended. She did a hearing test and passed without any problem. She was also examined, and I was told that there was no problem with her hearing. Hence, she does not need the hearing aids any more, and not only that due to the therapy, her sleeping has improved; she is more co-ordinated, and focused than she used to be.
Thank you for your guidance and support during the difficult time that I was going through due to my daughter's problem."

E.G.C., London

"I need to admit that since I last met you in August 2006, I have achieved quite a lot on a personal level. For instance, the dormant anger,anxiety and fears have all vanished and have been replaced by a state of permanent peace, gratitude and joy. I have also been working towards developing my psychic abilities and learned to detach myself from the materialstic dimension. Looking back, I have literally transformed myself and I need to congratulate you for playing a very influential role in my personal transformation, or liberation should I say!"

Christian, Business Developer Manager, London

"Thank you very much for my reading. Just like a needle, you pinpointed a lot of things, which I was trying not to allow myself to slow down enough to see. Your wisdom and your view on life have been very helpful and I now have new dignity."

Michelle, student

"I came to you after I had a near break down when I tried to move house. Your healing got to the nub of the block I was experiencing and enabled me to overcome it and move into the future with confidence and happiness. I am now moving house in 10 days and have not had any of the prostrating panic attacks and confusion I had previously. It is coming about exactly as we worked on it to be, I'm calm and unstressed, looking forward to the future instead of fearful, clear about what I want from life. Both the healing and the Symbolic Visualization seem to have been very effective. Thanks so much, it would have taken years to get to this point through conventional means like counselling."

Anna, London, Lecturer

"Dear Philena
Since my visit for spiritual release I have felt a lot calmer and relaxed. Especially at home it is more positive and harmonious. I can now understand and reason with the negative and transform using Philena's techniques of spirit release to make myself me again, especially when I look in the mirror I see my eyes looking back at me and not somebody else's. I am grateful for her help and warm support she gave me at her home. I would 100% recommend Philena to others who are experiencing phenomenal activities for yourself and others."

K.Gibbs, London