Philena’s Skype and Phone Readings consist of one or more of the following:

  • Clairvoyance / Psychometry,
  • Card Readings (from the Aumakua Cards and The Norse Wisdom Cards),
  • Photograph Reading (from a photograph – where the eyes of the person are fully visible),
  • Hand Reading (from good quality photographs of the hands – that is, all the lines and marks on the hands must be clearly visible).

For information on the type of photograph required

Skype-Phone - Copy

If you would like a palm reading as all or part of your reading, then please follow the instructions below, so that you email Philena the photos she needs to be able to read your hands.

In the same email, send the following photos to Philena

  • 1) The palm of your right hand showing fingers and thumb and first half inch of wrist (1 cm)

  • 2) The same for your left hand

  • 3) The side of your right hand under the little finger if you are right handed, if not, the side of your left hand. That is the part of your hand you would do a karate chop with.

When you upload the photos to the email, please make no 3 the first or last one. Philena needs to be able to scroll from photo 1 to photo 2 without having photo 3 between them.

Please ask someone else to take these photos. All the lines must be very clear and in focus, which is next to impossible to do yourself.


If you would also like information about another person or more than one other person in your life, please email or post Philena a photograph of each person. If posting, please check with Philena first to see which address she would like you to write to.

If you would like to know whether or not you and your partner are compatible for a long-term relationship, then please email or post a photograph of both of you together. See the Photograph Readings page for an exact description of the type of photograph required.

If you are interested in having a Telephone Reading either email Philena at or telephone her on 020 7602 4724. From outside the UK telephone +44 207 602 4724. If you are having difficulty contacting Philena, please send a text message to +44 7766 711 554.

  • Before arranging a Skype or Phone Reading with Philena


20 minutes

30 minutes

45 minutes

1 hour

1½ hours


Please note that if you choose to have a 30-minute Reading, you will only be able to have a maximum of 2 different types of Reading. Each type of Reading takes at least 15 minutes. If you would like Clairvoyance / Psychometry to be part of your reading, then please book at least an hour.

All Skype / Phone Readings need to be paid for in advance. Philena will make an appointment with you after your payment has been received.


Methods of Payment

The quickest way to pay, is by PayPal. However please do not do this, without first contacting Philena, to find out her availability. To pay by PayPal, click on the icon below, which will produce a form for you to fill in.

Philena can also take credit and debit card payments by phone.