Philena giving a Clairvoyant Reading - August 2022

Psychometry is a form of Clairvoyance. For this Philena holds a piece of jewellery, a watch or a sample of handwriting, belonging to yourself or to a friend or relative, alive or dead, and tells you about the person to whom the object belongs. If for yourself, or for another person, who has given their permission for this to be done, Philena can also predict some future events.

Philena advises that you do not have a Psychometry Reading by itself but add it to a Hand, Card and / or Photograph Reading.

For Psychometry Readings by Skype or phone, Philena asks for a photograph of the person and if possible, a photograph of the person's handwriting, to be emailed or posted to her. Before posting anything to Philena, please check with her first, to see which address she would like you to write to.

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For information on Skype and Phone Readings