Photograph Readings are useful to help you understand the character and emotional well being of your partner, children or work colleagues. They are particularly useful when deciding whether or not to employ a certain person in your business or home or whether or not to go into business with a certain person. Photograph Readings can also help you decide whether or not you and your partner are compatible for a long-term relationship.

Type of photograph required
Type of photograph required

Type of Photographs required

The photograph needs to show the full face of the person. The face must be bigger than that in a passport, with the eyes clearly visible. Ideally it needs to be printed on glossy photographic paper. No pixels, no glasses, no red-eye.

Philena can also read photographs from a tablet, IPad or laptop, however she often finds photographs on mobile phones are too small to be of any use.

If you would like to know the compatability between you and your partner, or between you and some other person in your life, please also provide a photograph of both of you together, from head to foot. The faces in this photograph must be at least as big as that in a passport. You may print this off your computer onto normal paper, if you like.

For all Photograph Readings, it is helpful if you can also provide a sample of the handwriting of the people in your photographs. If having a Skype or Phone Reading, then a photograph of the person's handwriting can be emailed to Philena. Or if you are posting photographs to Philena you can add a sample of handwriting.

  • Philena suggests that you do not have a Photograph Reading by itself, but combine it with a hand and / or card reading.

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