Philena teaches Palmistry both in person and on line via Zoom or Skype.

If you have a great desire to learn to read hands and can do simple arithmetic in your head, you will be able to learn Palmistry. After finishing Philena’s course and having had some practice, you should be good enough to set yourself up as a Palmist in your own right, should you so wish.

The course consists of 12 lessons, most of which take between an hour and an hour and a quarter.

After you have finished the course and had some practice, you might like to have a few extra lessons with Philena looking at hand prints and hand photos.

Palm Readings

One to one tuition costs £80 per hour.

"Philena has carefully put together an in depth palmistry course with all the knowledge she has gained over the years. The lesson structure and materials are really well thought out, which makes the detail and nuances easy to grasp. If you're like me and remember best through stories, her plethora of anecdotes really helped me retain the information! I thoroughly enjoyed learning with her and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the practice."

Asha Mitra, Events Coordinator, London