What is healing?

Healing is a form of energy medicine which in Philena’s case uses sound, Inner light and help from angels and guides.

If you are not happy or part of your life is not working the way you would like it to, then healing can help bring about constructive change. It can help with many problems – physical, emotional, spiritual and financial. However it is not an alternative to allopathic / traditional medicine, though it can be complementary to it.

If you are ill or think you might be, you should first visit your doctor before consulting a healer.

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Online Healing

Philena works with clients via Skype or Zoom who would like to bring about change in their life, by removing the blocks which are holding them back.

Some examples of the types of problem that Philena can help you with are listed below.

  • May be you are not happy in life and don’t know why.

  • You are always crying for no known reason.

  • Your relationship with your parent, child, sibling, friend, boss or work colleague is not good and you would like it to improve.

  • You are having trouble getting on with your neighbours and don’t know what to do.

  • You have tried hard to progress in your job for years, but every time you think you are getting somewhere, something unexpected goes wrong and someone else gets the promotion you were hoping for.

  • You have been trying and failing for a long time to get a new job.

  • You are running your own business and sales or clients have been falling off for no obvious reason.

  • You feel that you always have bad luck with money.

  • You feel that there is something or someone holding you back and stopping your life progressing in the way you feel it should.

  • You think you have been cursed or have a spirit attachment

  • You have been experiencing odd dreams or nightmares, or experiencing odd phenomena when awake and don’t know whom to talk to about it.

  • You have suddenly gained psychic abilities and are frightened by it.

  • Your home or work place is suffering from on-going electric, water or other problems.

When working with Philena on-line, you need to be alone in a comfortable place; like lying on your bed or sitting in a comfortable armchair. It helps if you can have a lighted candle nearby. You may need to make loud sounds, thus it is important that you are not interrupted by other people, children or pets.

  • These sessions last approximately 1½ hours and cost £150 each.

    If you are a new client of Philena’s, she suggests you start with a 40 minute session so you can explain your problem and Philena can then tell you how she can help you. Cost £70.

  • Before arranging an on-line session with Philena