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  • is no longer operating, though the members of the Space Healers Team are still working together.

Philena removes stuck energy, Earthbound Spirits (ghosts), negative entities, negative thought forms and Geopathic Stress from homes, offices, land and construction sites. She brings your space back into harmony and balance; thus helping you or your business to thrive. This can also help speed up the process of selling your home or business.

Symptoms of having spirits / negative entities attached to your property

You feel afraid to be alone on your property, especially at night. In certain places you feel as if someone unseen is watching you. You hear footsteps when alone on your property. Certain spots always feel cold regardless of how much you try to heat that place. You or your children see ghosts, especially when trying to sleep at night. You awake at night to find an unknown presence sitting on your bed, you can feel the weight of the person but can’t see anyone or maybe you can see a shadowy figure. Your family have been unwell, irritable or just plain bad tempered ever since you moved in.

You hate going home, because the place just doesn’t feel all right. Friends don’t like staying with you as they declare that your place is haunted or that they always have nightmares when staying with you. When at home you always feel exhausted and there is no rational explanation for this. Other people feel exhausted when on your property. Your pets refuse to go into certain rooms; if you carry them in, they run away looking terrified, immediately after you put them down. Electrical items keep playing up or breaking down.

Some of the above symptoms may also be caused by Geopathic Stress.


Sick property healing sessions with Philena

Philena is willing to come out to your property together with between 1 and 3 of her colleaues and clear it of ghosts, negative entities, negative thought forms and Geopathic Stress. However this tends to be expensive so you might like to start with a remote Spirit Release session on your property. Sometimes all of your property’s problems can be dealt with in this way. More than one session may be required.

After you have contacted Philena and explained your problem, she will then get back to you with a price.


Likely Results from having a Spirit Release job done on your property

The symptoms that you used to have will have gone. You feel happy on your property or in your home. It feels like home, perhaps for the first time. You sleep better and awake with more energy than before. Your children sleep better, behave better and get better results at school.

You feel positive and optimistic about your future. Your general level of well-being noticeably improves. Your friends ask you what you have done, as your place feels so much more pleasant than before. You become so much happier and possibly wealthier too.


Home and Office Blessings

Philena is willing to come to your home or office to clear out stuck and stale energies and to fill the resulting space with light and positive energy.

This is useful if you have just moved into a new home or office and would like the energies of the previous occupants removed.

It is also helpful to have done once a year or whenever you feel like a new start and would like your place to feel energised and renewed.

Difficulties Selling your Property

If your house or office has been on the market for ages but just isn’t selling, or you would like a quick sale, Philena may be able to help by removing stuck energies and Geopathic Stress, and by bringing positive energies into the space.

Please contact Philena if you are interested or would like more information.