What is healing?

Healing is a form of energy medicine which in Philena’s case uses sound, Inner light and help from angels and guides.

If you are not happy or part of your life is not working the way you would like it to, then healing can help bring about constructive change. It can help with many problems – physical, emotional, spiritual and financial. However it is not an alternative to allopathic / traditional medicine, though it can be complementary to it.

If you are ill or think you might be, you should first visit your doctor before consulting a healer.


Philena’s healing path

In 1987 Philena took part in a healing course run by Martin Brofman, a well-known American healer. After this course her healing abilities flowered and many people obtained relief from a variety of different problems. Encouraged by this success Philena went on to develop her own system of Shamanic Healing, which uses visualization and sound.

Although Philena has taken various healing courses in England, France and Denmark, her spirit helpers have taught her most of what she has learnt. Philena has been clairaudient since birth, meaning that she has always been able to hear things that other people are unable to hear. She has been guided throughout most of her life by what she calls “My Voices”. These voices have taught Philena most of what she knows about healing today.

In every healing session Philena relies on her voices to guide her through the session. Thus every session is tailor made to the client’s requirements in that moment.


Relationship Healings

Philena has developed her own method of healing relationships. This is very useful if someone has left you, through separation, divorce or death. It is particularly useful if you have lost a loved one to a sudden death and were unable to say goodbye. It is also very helpful if you would like your relationship healed with a partner, parent, child, sibling, friend, boss or work colleague.

If you have a Relationship Healing with Philena, it does not necessarily mean that the person will re-enter your life, it means that the uncontrollable pain, anger and / or guilt that you used to carry, will be gone. You may still feel sad if a loved one has left you, but you will have lost the weight of the sadness. It will also mean that you are better equipped for dealing with the person with whom you had the problem.

Relationship Healings are done in your mother tongue, therefore a good knowledge of English is not required. If you cannot speak any English, you may bring an interpreter.


Symbolic Visualization

Visualization is a way of using your mind to create a picture of what you would like to happen in your life. Then by charging it with positive emotions and practising it daily, you bring into your life that which you have visualized. Symbolic Visualization is using your mind to create a symbol that represents what you would like to happen in your life.

Symbolic Visualizations are more helpful than normal visualizations as they protect you from unexpected mistakes. For example a woman visualized a lover in every tiny detail she could think of. He arrived in her life with all the qualities she had asked for, however had the most foul breath – the one quality she had forgotten to add to her visualization. If this visualization had been done symbolically, the foul breath would have been avoided. It’s easy enough to know when your symbol is complete and whole, but not so easy with literal visualization.

Philena started working with Symbolic Visualizations in the late eighties, since then many “miracles” have happened in her client’s lives. For example: huge debts have been written off by banks, people have found their soul mates, marriages on the edge of divorce have turned around and become blissfully happy, various physical problems have been alleviated, well paid jobs have been found, the list goes on and on.


Plant Spirit Healing

This method of healing is particularly helpful when all else has failed. It involves speaking to the spirits of plants about your problem or situation, while Philena smoulders herbs, spices and resins, in a fire proof dish.

Many clients of Philena have reported wonderful changes taking place in their lives as a result of this type of healing.

To benefit from this healing, it is necessary to speak from your heart about your problem.

It is also necessary to visit Philena in person. Plant Spirit Healing cannot be done by Skype or by phone.


Spirit Release and Curse Removal

Philena’s healing sessions also include the removal of earthbound spirits, negative entities and curse removal, if relevant.