Philena first heard of the little-known shamanic technique of Shifting the Assemblage Point in 2014. She visited a practitioner to try it out for herself. The results were nothing short of miraculous. A condition which Philena had had for over half a century, which had resisted all healing, her own and other people’s, suddenly cleared up. She felt a new person on many fronts. These effects lasted for 6 weeks. Philena returned to the same practitioner for a second visit. This time the visit went horribly wrong as the practitioner got angry with Philena for asking for a cup of tea and Philena was poisoned by some plants, growing near the place. As a result this second visit was unsuccessful. The whole story of this visit is very funny, if you visit Philena, ask her and she will tell you.

Philena then discovered that her friend, Leo Rutherford, knew how to Shift the Assemblage Point. She visited Leo and had a successful session. Leo also taught her how to shift this Point. Since then Philena has been shifting people’s Assemblage Points and teaching other healers how to do the technique.

From Philena’s experience Shifting the Assemblage Point promotes a feeling of well-being. It can help reduce anxiety, increase happiness, relieve aches and pains, control Trichotillomania; the compulsive desire to pull out one’s hair, and increase the flow of money into the lives of the self-employed.

Shifting the Assemblage Point will not cure an illness, however by putting a person into a state of harmony and balance, whatever else they are doing to promote recovery will be enhanced.

For most problems The Assemblage Point will need to be shifted more than once. This is because it takes awhile for the Point to get used to its new position. When upset by life’s problems this Point will slip back to its old position. Having been shifted a few times the Assemblage Point finally accepts its new position as the right place to be.

The method Philena uses to shift this Point, is by sliding a crystal on the skin of a person’s chest, therefore it is necessary for you to remove all clothing from the upper part of your body. The method also involves a few slaps on the back, thus is not suitable for people with back problems. There are other practitioners of this technique who use an expensive machine to shift the Point, which means it can be done on top of clothing and without slaps on the back.

  • For an explanation of what the Assemblage Point is


Remote Assemblage Point Healing

The general understanding amongst practitioners of Shitting the Assemblage Point is that it is impossible to do remotely, however Philena has discovered that this is not the case.

Philena works together with her colleague, Hazel Barker, to shift the Assemblage Point of people who are not physically present. For this to be successful, if it is necessary that you are either asleep at the time it is done, or lying on your bed completely relaxed for one hour, undisturbed by people, pets or your mobile phone. You also need to email Philena a recent photo of yourself, from head to foot, looking forwards towards the camera.

Philena and Hazel do these sessions between 11am and 10pm, Monday to Thursday. If these times do not suit you, and you would like it to be done between 11pm and 2am, this is possible, however you will need to pay double the normal price.

Philena has found that sensitive people are more aware of how different they feel after this procedure has been done. What differences you feel also depends on how far out your Assemblage Point was at the start. Thus if it only needs to be moved a little, you may not feel much different after it has been done. Some people notice huge differences, others are not certain if they feel different or not.

"After having had numerous, wonderful healing sessions with Philena, via Skype, I still had a veil of depression and an oppressive mood that for some reason wouldn’t go away. We decided to shift the Assemblage Point to a better position. As I was located in another country, she tried shifting it in my absence. After the first session, I noticed that I got up feeling very different, more positive and uplifted. As for me, it required two absent sessions in order to keep the Assemblage Point in its new position. The changes I felt were instant. Miraculously, the depression was gone as well as the strange negative mood. I was more aware of my surroundings, my energy levels went up, and my motivation for my everyday tasks were higher than ever before. It felt like the veil had simply disappeared and I could be back to being the person who I have always been."

M., Spain