What is healing?

Healing is a form of energy medicine which in Philena’s case uses sound, Inner light and help from angels and guides.

If you are not happy or part of your life is not working the way you would like it to, then healing can help bring about constructive change. It can help with many problems – physical, emotional, spiritual and financial. However it is not an alternative to allopathic / traditional medicine, though it can be complementary to it.

If you are ill or think you might be, you should first visit your doctor before consulting a healer.


Absent Healing

Absent Healing means that you are not present when the healing takes place. Absent healing can be provided for yourself or for other people in your life. A photograph of the person will need to be provided before the healing takes place. This photograph can be emailed or posted to Philena.

Philena works together with her colleague Amravati Mitchell .to help bring about change in a person’s life. Together they provide healing for physical, emotional, mental and financial problems. They can also clear ancestral lines and heal past lives. With your permission, vows made in past lives, which no longer serve you, can be released.

Please note that Philena will never use Absent Healing to manipulate the behaviour of a person without their consent.

  • These sessions cost £250 each.