Philena Bruce B.A. Econ. P.G.C.E.

Philena originally learnt Palmistry in the autumn of 1973 from the Principal of the London School of Palmistry. From 1975-1979 she practised Palmistry, as a sideline, while teaching Mathematics in a boy's comprehensive school in West London. During the first half of the eighties, Philena practised Palmistry while travelling throughout India and Sri Lanka. During this time, she studied the works of many of the Great Palmists from both India and Europe, including "Cheiro's Language of the Hand", "The Art of Hand Analysis" by Mir Bashir and "The Practice of Palmistry" by Comte C. de Saint Germain. Philena became well known, for her accuracy in Hand Analysis, in Tamil Nadu, South India, where she spent many months of each year.

Philena returned to England in the mid-eighties and set up her Palmistry Practice. Over the next few years she developed her own method of Healing using sound and visualization. Philena also taught Palmistry and Healing to individuals and to groups.
In 1992 Philena first discovered her ability to release stuck spirits from the land during a holiday in Scotland. However due to being overly busy in the nineties she did not develop this ability until 2000. Around this time Philena also developed her skills as a medium. In a trance state she is able to communicate with a person’s deceased loved ones and with angelic beings


In 2002 Philena brought her various skills together and joined with others with complementary abilities for the purpose of transforming the ambience in country estates and stately homes as well as in smaller houses and flats. This involves clearing out all ghosts, negative entities and negative thought forms, filling the resulting space with light and with various forms of deva – angels, elemental spirits, etc. Geopathic Stress problems are found and cures are recommended to the client as well as some tips for beneficial Feng Shui. Ceremonies are also performed to help bring about positive change in the lives of the people who live there.

During the first few years of this century, Philena also developed the ability to read the character and the emotional well-being of a person – both past and present – through looking at their eyes in a photograph.

At the end of 2007, Philena travelled to Sri Lanka for a month to visit old friends, followed by two and a half months in South India, where she wrote her book – Know That You Are Loved – Self-Healing Techniques for Everyone.

In 2014 Philena stumbled across an ancient shamanic technique known as ‘Shifting The Assemblage Point’. She visited a practitioner of this art and had her own point shifted. Philena found the results so utterly amazing and mind blowing, that she went on to learn how to shift this point herself so she could bring about profound changes for the better in the lives of her clients.

Philena continues to see people individually and confidentially in person and on-line for the purpose of reading their hands and cards or to help them in the healing process of their problems – physical, financial, mental or spiritual.

Philena’s clients come from all walks of life and over the years she has read many thousands of hands from all over the world. Many of Philena’s clients return at regular intervals for readings and for healings, sometimes flying to London for the sole purpose of seeing her.

Today Philena is in the process of moving the bulk of her work over to Skype, Zoom and the telephone, so she can enjoy her 70s and beyond without being tied to her London Home.