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Know That You Are Loved

Self-Healing Techniques for Everyone

London psychic Philena is a Palmist, Tarot Reader and Clairvoyant specialising in Palmistry and Emotional Healing.

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Philena Bruce - Know That You Are Loved


Philena has had 45 years experience reading hands all over the world. During those years she has travelled to many countries including India, Sri Lanka, Ghana, The Gambia, Australia, America and Thailand reading hands wherever she went. Today she works in London and on-line. On occasion some of her clients fly to the UK specifically to see her.

Your life is written in the lines and shape of your hands. You are unique. Your hands are unique. No-one on this planet, now, in the past or in the future will have identical hands, and therefore an identical life to you.


Palmistry is a science not a psychic art, and can be learnt by anyone able to do simple arithmetic in their head and willing to do the required hours of study. To become a good palmist one needs to be able to accurately date important events in a person’s life; that is both past and future events. Philena has always had a reputation for being able to do this. She has her own unique timing chart which can be taught to anyone wishing to take up the study of Palmistry.

If you would like to have a professional hand reading in person, by Skype, by Zoom or by phone, or to learn to read palms yourself, this is the website for you.

Know That You Are Loved

Self-Healing Techniques for Everyone

"I had been doing a lot of reading – The Secret, Ask and it is Given etc ... but not getting anywhere with my manifesting. After reading "Know That You Are Loved" I began practicing the Feeling Loved technique, as I recognised this may be the problem, (saying the pavement loves me as I walk along the street for example) and everything has changed. It's quite phenomenal. I can manifest now! And I feel so good inside. I actually love myself – it feels wonderful.

I feel so much happier – I cannot begin to explain how different I feel. My whole approach to life has changed."

S. Blake


"Having read only as far as Chapter 2 of this volume, I decided to apply just one of Philena's teachings — with amazing results. Specifically, I convinced myself that the Universe loved me and, within less than twelve hours, I manifested a pocket PC worth £365. I have always used the Law of Attraction in my professional life to very good effect, to the extent that I literally cannot fail to succeed in adversarial engagements, negotiations or appeals. Suffice it to say that I have consistently achieved results above and beyond those which could be attributed to mere skill, judgment and professionalism. However, all of these outcomes took time.
What Philena shows us is that results can be accelerated by a subtle alteration of mindset. This book is a true revelation!"

JC Friend


In the late eighties Philena developed her own method of healing using sound and visualization. This healing method helps you to get rid of blocks of stuck emotional energy, which are holding you back in life. Philena can help you to transform your present relationships, let go of old relationships, release the overwhelming pain of losing loved ones and bring harmony into your personal and professional life. Once your energy flows freely again Philena can help you to create the future you would like.

Since 2012 Philena has discovered another two methods of healing which are particularly helpful in resolving long-standing issues and those which have proved difficult to shift. One involves speaking to the spirits of dried herbs, spices and resins, while they are smouldering on charcoal in a fireproof dish. The other is Shifting the Assemblage Point, an ancient, little known, Shamanic Technique that Philena stumbled upon by chance. Having personally experienced the amazing changes that can be brought about in a person’s life by the shifting of this point, Philena was taught how to do it for others by the well-known shamanic practitioner, Leo Rutherford. These two methods of healing need to be done in person.

If you would like to experience the joys of true healing and to create the future you want, then this is the website for you.