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palmistry lessons
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Philena’s Telephone Readings consist of one or more of the following:
-   Clairvoyance,
-   Card Readings (from the Aumakua Cards and The Norse Wisdom Cards),
-   Psychometry (from a sample of handwriting - actual handwriting, not a
-   Photograph Reading (from a photograph - where the eyes of the person are
    fully visible),
-   Hand Reading (from a good quality handprint or scan of the hand - that is, all
    the lines and marks on the hands must be clearly visible).

To see how to make Handprints, click here 
To see how to scan your hands using a scanner or photocopier, click here.
For information on the type of photograph required, click here 

If you would also like information about another person or more than one other person in your life, please send Philena, if possible, a photograph, a sample of handwriting and / or a handprint or hand scan of each person.

If you are interested in having a Telephone Reading either email Philena at or telephone her on 020 7602 4724. From outside the UK telephone +44 207 602 4724.

-    30 minutes cost £50
-    45 minutes cost £65
-    1 hour costs £80
-    1¼ hours cost £100
-    1½ hours cost £120
A full Palm Reading by itself costs £50 for approximately 30 minutes.

Please note that if you choose to have a 30-minute Reading, you will only be able to have a maximum of 2 different types of Reading. Each type of Reading takes at least 15 minutes.

All Telephone Readings will be recorded on to a cassette tape, which will be sent to you anywhere in the world, by ordinary airmail. If you would like Philena to return your photographs and / or handprints, please let her know, and she will send them to you together with your cassette tape. If you live in the UK or Europe and would like your cassette tape sent by Special Delivery, please add £5 to the payment for your Reading. If you live outside Europe and would like your cassette tape sent by "signed for" delivery, please add £10 to the payment for your Reading.

Please note that handprints, hand scans and face photographs must be sent to Philena by post, so that they carry your psychic imprint. However you may, if you like, send them first by email, so that Philena can let you know if their quality is good enough.

Please contact Philena before posting, to confirm which address she would like you to send them to.

All Telephone Readings need to be paid for in advance. Philena will make an appointment with you after your payment has been received.

Methods of Payment
The quickest way to pay, is by PayPal. To pay by this method, click on the icon below, which will produce a form for you to fill in. Please enter in the “payment for” section, the service you require, and fill in the cost in the section below. For example:

payment example

Philena can also take credit card payments by phone.

Or send a money order or cash by Special Delivery, together with your handprints or hand scans, samples of handwriting and photographs if relevant.

You may also pay by cheque – in which case make your cheque payable to “Philena Bruce”. However if you are a new client of Philena’s your reading will not take place until after your cheque has cleared, which means that you will need to wait at least 2 weeks for your reading.

Please contact Philena first before posting anything to her, so she can tell you which address she would prefer you to use.

Instant Psychic Readings
If you would like a psychic reading now or if you are unable to wait until Philena is available for an appointment, she suggests that you telephone

09063 442115

where you will be able to speak to another genuine psychic. Philena would be interested in any feed back that you might have, in which case, please email her.

Calls are recorded, and calls to 0906 numbers are charged at £1.50 per minute from a BT Landline. Mobile costs may vary. Ralph Riley Ltd. PO BOX 37157 London E4 7YW

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