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Philena's Telephone Readings consist of one or more of the following:
- Clairvoyance,
- Card readings (from the Aumakua Cards and The Norse Wisdom Cards),
- Psychometry (preferably from a sample of hand writing, or a photo),
- a Hand Reading from a handprint (the print needs to be a good quality one - to see how to make a hand print, click here.) On the handprints, mark which is your right hand and which is your left hand and state whether you are right or left handed.

- Telephone Readings cost £60 for one hour, or £45 for 40 minutes.
This includes the cost of a cassette tape, which is sent to you, anywhere in the world, by ordinary airmail. Any photographs or handprints that you send are returned to you together with the cassette tape.

If you are interested either email Philena at info@philena.co.uk or telephone her on 020 7602 4724. From outside the UK telephone +44 20 7602 4724.

To pay by PayPal click on the icon below, this produces a form for you to fill in. There is a 'payment for' section, please enter in here the service you require, and fill in the amount in the section below. For example:

payment example

Or send a cheque, money order or cash, together with a sample of hand writing, photo and/or handprint, and your name, address, sex, age, phone number and email address to:
Philena Bruce, Suite 740, 28 Old Brompton Road, London, SW7 3SS, UK.

When this is received Philena will contact you to arrange your appointment. If you are sending cash, send it by Registered Post.

If you would also like a reading concerning another person or more than one other person, include a sample of their hand writing, and a photo if you have one.

To see how to Make Hand Prints, click here.

For a "printer friendly" version of this page, please click here.