If you would like Philena to give a talk to your group, society or organisation on Palmistry, Healing, Self-Healing or Spirit Release, please contact Philena directly.

Philena is a member of Toastmasters International and in 2009 won her local club’s Humorous Speaking Contest.

Radio and video links

The Psychic Connection – August 30th 2010
Host: Heather Woodward
Philena is interviewed on her book – Know That You Are Loved.
To hear this radio interview click here and wait for 3 minutes.

Voice America – November 19th 2009
Awakening Value: Shamanic Technologies of Consciousness and Success. Host: Marti Spiegelman
Philena is interviewed on universal love and her book – Know That You Are Loved.
To hear this radio interview click here. Philena starts speaking 8 minutes from the beginning.

Voice America – December 5th, 2006
Love and Balance. Host: Chidi Asika-Enahoro
Philena is interviewed on her psychic abilities and on Spirit Release.
To hear this interview click here: scroll down and under CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN TO RECORDED SAMPLES, click on – psychic phenomenon. Philena starts speaking 3.11 minutes from the beginning.

You Tube video – April 11th, 2008
Philena talking on Spirit Release, click here

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