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1) Palm reading in person - covers the major events of your life with accurate dating, character analysis, your potential, and advice on how to avoid unpleasant events.

2) Palmistry lessons in person - teach you the fundamentals and practice of Palmistry.

3) Card Readings in person - Card Readings give more detailed information than the hands, but they only cover the immediate past, present, and the next year or two.

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4) Psychometry in person - Philena holds a watch, piece of jewellery or a sample of handwriting and tells you information about the owner of the object.

5) Telephone Readings
- consist of one or more of the following; Clairvoyance, Reading from a palm print, a Card Reading and / or a Psychometry Reading.

6) Healing in person helps you to let go of physical, emotional and financial problems. By finding the cause of the problem and healing it, the symptoms of the problem go. Absent healing is also available.

7) Ceremonies Philena writes and performs ceremonies for new beginnings, endings, protection, healing, success, attracting a partner or anything else that you would like a ceremony for.

8) Spirit Release / Exorcism of people, land and buildings. Releasing earthbound spirits and negative entities from you and your property can re-energise you, help you to feel healthier, happier and more optimistic. It can also bring about success in your relationships and business dealings.

If you would like Philena to travel to your country or town to teach Palmistry, perform a ceremony or to release spirits from your property, please contact her directly.

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