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Photograph Readings are useful to help you understand the character and emotional well-being of your partner, children or work colleagues. They are particularly useful when deciding whether or not to employ a certain person in your business or home or whether or not to go into business with a certain person. Photograph Readings can also help you decide whether or not you and your partner are compatible for a long-term relationship.

The photograph needs to show the full face of the person and should be at least post card sized so that the eyes are clearly visible. Ideally the person should not to be wearing spectacles. The Photograph needs to be on good quality paper, preferably photographic paper.

If you would like a Photograph Reading of your partner, please provide photographs of your partner alone and one of both of you together. If having a Telephone or Postal Reading you will also need to supply a separate photograph of yourself.

-    30 minutes cost £50
-    45 minutes cost £65
-    1 hour costs £80

In person, an in-depth Combined Reading consists of a full Palm Reading, a Card Reading, a Psychometry Reading and a Photograph Reading. This lasts between 1½ and 3 hours and costs between £120 and £240. The amount of time taken is determined by the number of lines on your hands, the number of questions you may have for the cards, the amount of clairvoyance which flows during the Psychometry Reading and the number of Photograph Readings, of different people, that you require. You may of course decide on the maximum length of Combined Reading that you would like.

You may also have a Mini Combined reading for £80, which lasts for 1 hour.

By telephone, a Combined Reading takes between 1 and 1½ hours and costs between £80 and £120. You decide in advance how long you would like your Telephone Reading to be.

By post, a Palm and Photograph Reading costs £80.

For all Photograph Readings, it is helpful if you can also provide a sample of the handwriting of the people in your photographs; that is, their actual handwriting, not a photocopy of it.

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Instant Psychic Readings
If you would like a psychic reading now or if you are unable to wait until Philena is available for an appointment, she suggests that you telephone

09063 442115

where you will be able to speak to another genuine psychic. Philena would be interested in any feed back that you might have, in which case, please email her.

Calls are recorded, and calls to 0906 numbers are charged at £1.50 per minute from a BT Landline. Mobile costs may vary. Ralph Riley Ltd. PO BOX 37157 London E4 7YW