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Philena first discovered that she had the ability to heal in the spring of 1982 when she brought a dead sunflower back to life. It had not been watered for one week during very hot weather, and throughout that time its head had been hanging by one thread due to having been murdered by a cat. It was clearly dead, and at this point Philena decided to see if she could heal it. It took 3 or 4 days for the head to mend and stand up. It flowered that summer, though it was a couple of feet shorter than its peers and had a large bump around the place where its neck had been broken.

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After this Philena didn’t practice healing again for 5 years when she took part in a healing course run by Martin Brofman, a well-known American healer. After this course her healing abilities flowered and various people were healed of various physical problems, which resulted in them not needing an operation. Encouraged by this success Philena went on to develop her own system of Shamanic Healing which used visualisation and sound.

The theory behind Philena’s healing is that all problems – physical, financial or emotional – are caused by unexpressed emotions. A physical problem is like ice whereas the emotion causing it, is like water. The idea is that when an emotion gets suppressed, the water turns to ice and thus a physical problem arises. If somehow, one can get the ice to turn back into water and express the emotion, the physical problem goes. Although the theory sounds very simple, the actuality can be more complicated. An emotional problem on the other hand needs to be taken back to its source to be released. Philena found that expressing a certain type of sound facilitated this.

Although Philena has taken various healing courses in England, France and Denmark, her spirit helpers have taught her most of what she has learnt. Philena has been clairaudient since birth, meaning that she has always been able to hear things that other people are unable to hear. She has been guided throughout most of her life by what she calls “My Voices”. These voices have taught Philena most of what she knows about healing today.

In every healing session Philena relies on her voices to guide her through the session. Thus every session is tailor made to the client’s requirements in that moment. Philena’s theory of healing, mentioned above, was the result of what she learned, not the starting point.

Healing sessions last from 1½ to 2½ hours and cost betweeen £90 and £150.

Absent Healing
Philena practices various methods of healing to help a person who is not able, for whatever reason, to be present at the healing. Prices vary according to the problem and the method of healing chosen. If interested, contact Philena with details, and she will give you a quotation.