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The normal way to make a handprint is by covering the palm of your hand with water-soluble printer's ink and then putting your hand carefully down on to a sheet of good quality paper. The problem with this method is that your handprint comes out back to front.

Philena prefers the method shown below, as it enables the hand to come out the right way round. The description below helps you to make a print by this method; it also produces a good quality print when made with care.

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Charcoal or very soft pencil; newspaper torn into approximatley 8" squares; sheets of white paper; transparent sticky paper, matt, (which is used for covering books). Cut this into rectangles a little larger than the size of your hand; a spoon, and another person!

Rub the charcoal or soft pencil over 2 or 3 pieces of newspaper. Transfer the charcoal from the newspaper to the palm of your hand by rubbing. Ask the other person to peel the back off a piece of matt sticky paper and to put the sticky paper on to the palm of your hand. Make certain that the middle of it sticks to the middle of your palm first, then stick the rest of it to your palm and fingers with care, ensuring that there are no air bubbles. Press firmly down on to your hand and fingers; then ask the other person to peel it off your hand and stick it very carefully, middle first, on to a sheet of white paper, so that there aren't any wrinkles. Smooth over the handprint with the back of a spoon.

(This method can be rather difficult at first, as well as very messy, and you may need to try it a few times before you get a good print. Matt sticky paper is thicker than glossy sticky paper and so is easier to manage.)

Please Note: When sending handprints, mark carefully which is your right hand and which is your left hand. State whether you are right handed or left handed and write down your name, sex and age.