If using a scanner, take the top off. Sit so that when you put your hand and wrist on the scanner, you are level with it. Put your hand and wrist lightly on the scanner, or better still if you have a steady hand, hold your hand about half an inch above the surface. Put the lid on top of your hand. Cover the whole scanner and lid with a dark coloured, thick, cloth, so that all the light is shut out. Scan your hand. Repeat the process with your other hand. Print the pictures onto good quality photographic paper. Mark on the back of each scan, which is your right hand and which is your left hand. Also state whether you are right or left handed. Write your name, date of birth, and the date the scan was taken on the back of each picture.

If using a photocopier, use the same method as with the scanner, except that you probably will not be able to remove the top of the photocopier.

Note: Both these methods use electrical equipment, so use with care, at your own risk. Philena does not take any liability for any injury caused.

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