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Philena writes and performs ceremonies to bring about change in people’s lives. She often works with other healers, also trained in ceremonial work, for the purpose of raising more power and thus creating greater results. You can choose to have a ceremony for any occasion. It can be a small private affair or it can be as large as you like. You can have:

Ceremonies for new beginnings – new house, job, business, relationship, etc. Or for endings – the death of a loved one or pet, the end of a relationship, the loss of a home. Ceremonies can also be performed for success, protection, good health, attracting a new job or partner, or for any other subject matter that you would like.

The ceremony can be especially written for you, or you can choose to have a set ceremony adapted to your personal circumstances. Special incenses and oils can be made for you and your ceremony can include garlands of flowers, chanting and music. A very special occasion can be prepared tailored to your personal needs. The more elaborate your ceremony and the more people helping to perform it, the more powerful and therefore the more effective, it will be.

All ceremonies are individually priced according to the needs of the person. If interested contact Philena so that you can discuss with her what you would like and then she will be able to give you a price.

Prices start at £500.

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